Thursday, September 27, 2018

vLSO update

Finally it's here! This version provides support for PayloadManagerX, which makes aerial refueling more versatile and immersive:

Please first read the manual, which now is a separate download for your convenience.

And my special thanks go to Michel Panattoni for his suggestions, help in beta testing and bugreporting.


  1. Hi Paddles,

    1) Thank you for developing such a wonderful add-on. I've had so much fun playing around with it.
    2) I have a question about the landing grades. As I've gotten better with my landings, the amount of comments on my landings have gotten fewer and fewer. However, I still am unable to get better than (OK). I recently had a night landing where I got no correction comments at all and caught the three wire, but still was only able to manage (OK). Is there something I might be doing wrong that's not commented on but still dings my grade? I'm using Javier's Nimitz and Dino's T-45.



  2. Hi,
    Correct, the logic of vLSO is far from perfection, which is my (perhaps biggest) concern. So my next step in this project will be attempting to make the program's AI more human-like, so to say...

  3. In the meantime I'll just have to keep practicing. :-)

    Thanks again for making and releasing such a fun add-on!



  4. Paddles

    I have been getting the following error.
    Any ideas?


    "The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log or use the command-line sxstrace.exe tool for more detail."

  5. Russ, this should fix the side-by-side error:

    When trying to connect to Prepar3D, the program might not find SimConnect of the same version as vLSO uses. To install it, go to the [P3D Install Location]\redist\Interface\FSX-SP1\retail\lib\ folder and run the SimConnect.msi installer found there.
    If it doesn't help, try to run the SimConnect.msi installer from the [P3D Install Location]\redist\Interface\FSX-SP2-XPACK\retail\lib\ folder.

  6. Also, you can read the manual, page 35 ;)

  7. Which version of vLSO is compatible with FSX Acceleration Expansion Pack?
    Thanks Paddles for the Great program. My older version v. works well, just wanted to get the latest after watching this video clip.
    How did this guy get to have the vLSO read aloud the Briefing of his pass? Goto 2:25 mins

  8. Hi Tom,
    This video was made back in 2010. It was a mission of the Top Gun Simulations' missions pack, featuring Dale "Snort" Snodgrass as LSO. Unfortunately this pack is unavailable nowadays, AFAIK.
    As for vLSO, it is compatible with FSX Acceleration as well as with all Prepar3D versions.

    1. Hey Paddles,
      Thanks for the explanation on that video clip.
      Great work on vLSO newest version, (all version great) perhaps I'm doing something wrong. It loads, and shows SimConnect loaded, ready for flightsim, aircraft selected, but then shows location not selected? On v.0988, I open LSO as I'm headed for carrier, and it states the bearing of carrier.
      I miss read thinking that the newest version was only for P3D.
      Really appreciate your reply.
      Much thanks, Sincerely Tom

    2. Tom,
      Most likely you haven't properly assigned your NAV1 frequency. Please read the 'NAV settings' chapter of the manual on how to do that.

    3. Will do. Thanks for the advise. You even include a manual, wow!
      Very nice of you.
      Thanks again Paddles

    4. Hey Paddles,
      Sorry to bug you with this, but if you could give me any advise I'd sure appreciate it, as I'm a bit lost.
      What I have:
      Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator\10.0
      VRS F/A-18E Superbug ( / Flight Simulator X; Acceleration/X-Pack: (10.0.61637.0)
      (FSX had SP1 then the Accelerator pack had SP2)
      I upgraded my Superbug to the latest version.

      Having read the manual, and selected each of Javier's USS Nimitz carriers listed in vLSO advance settings under NAV settings, and I chose NAV 112.00 & Tacan 57X for all.
      Each carrier shows the NAV & Tacan settings I selected.

      But it still shows “location not selected”? Everything else is green to go, except (RFN, SWS, and PMX).
      In my TacPack Manager, it also lists Carriers with ILS frequency, and a Tacan channel.
      Do I have to match those?
      Well, only if you think I've missed something, the older version still works, just really liked your newest version.
      I open (old) vLSO when I'm a few miles from the Carrier, and then it's operational, tells me the bearings and all. But the new version doesn't seem to find the location.

      Appreciate your time in looking at this.

  9. Tom,
    First, you have to assign NAV1 to your carrier in vLSO advance settings. And this is done - 112.00 set to Javiewr's Nimitz. Good.

    Second, you have to tune your radio to that freq. Once NAV1 in the cockpit of your aicraft is set to 112.00, you'll see another green light and soon hear a CASE, altimeter etc announcement.

    Hope this helps.

    1. Hey Paddles,
      Thanks again for your time. Is Nav1 the radio freq or ILS freq?
      On radio com 1 channel 1 it only goes down to 118.000 freq, and
      Com 2 channel 2 only goes down to 125.000 freq.
      ILS will tune to 112.000
      Sounds like I'm close to having it work, just comfused about how to tune in Nav1, is it ILS, or the Com1?
      Thanks so much for your time.

    2. Hey Hey,
      Thanks Paddles!
      It's all systems go for me.
      I guess Nav1 is set via the ILS.
      The 112.00 freq was the deal breaker. I guess you can tell I'm not a pilot, but thanks to you I'm having fun.
      Thanks for your terrific program.
      Sincerely, Tom

  10. Hi Paddles,
    So, does ILS = Nav1
    Thanks TOM

  11. Hey Paddles,
    I found that Top Gun Simulations' missions pack, featuring Dale "Snort" Snodgrass as LSO. Topped with your great LSO program, it's a Wow!
    Could you please let me know;
    Does Nav1 = ILS FREQ & Nav2 = TACAN
    Is this correct:
    TACAN X = VOR, and Y = the ILS.
    Appreciate your great work and time.

  12. Tom,
    In FSX ILS = TACAN, for example ILS 111.00 = TACAN 47X, ILS 111.05 = TACAN 47Y etc (see the vLSO manual / NAV settings table). These frequencies are tuned in NAV1/NAV2 radios. By the way, TACAN X and Y channels differ only by 0.05 (see the table). Also note that Jivko Rusev's HUD gauge uses NAV1 only, while other gauges (like RFN gauge) can use both NAV1 and NAV2. So, vLSO supports NAV1 only, for the sake of operability. In RFN mode it obtains all the necessary data directly from the RFN gauge and doesn't care about frequencies/channels whatsoever. ))

  13. Wow Paddles, so very nice of you to explain that.
    I hope I haven't been a pain. Your explanation has my look at the manual even more understandable to me. Your great man!
    Thanks Tom

  14. With the release of Dino's C-2/E-2, does anyone have the custom aoa settings figured out yet? Thanks in advance!