Thursday, August 30, 2018

vLSO update WIP

I've been working on my next update for a few weeks now. One of its new feature will be support for PaylodManagerX. This program is still in beta stage, but I highly recommend you to visit their site, get the program and check it out, especially its aerial refueling function.

Here are some nice sample videos, courtesy Michel Panattoni

Your aircraft will be attached physically to the AI tanker and you can take your hands off your controls while your tanks are refilled. It will stay attached until you “Unlatch” again.
If you establish a visual fueling system on the tanker and use a probe on your own aircraft, that is where you will be connected to the tanker.

My program will interact with PMX so that you can request tanker as usual, but everything else will be done by this great program. Stay tuned! 😉