Wednesday, May 16, 2018

vLSO update

This update fixes zero altimeter readings in METAR, reported by simulation with Active Sky enabled. Thanks to Matt again!


  1. I bought the SWS Midway carrier and installed VLSO. I went through the VLSO manual but still kind of confused, i.e. how to get VLSO up and running with the carrier. Though I could launch VLSO in FSX with the simconnect indicator as green but the sws indicator remains red. Is there a tutorial on this or something similar?



  2. The red SWS indicator means that either vLSO couldn't locate the CarrierExtensions.dll or that this file's version is older than You can browse the vLSO_log.txt file and find lines, starting with 'SWS gauge', and check the SWS version and status ('Ok' or 'incompatible')'.

  3. Hi paddles,

    wonder if you could help me, we fly the 'bug' over at and I am trying to get FCLP working but have a few questions...

    1. I note that there are no nav aids on any of your sceneries (NOLF Coupeville, Choctaw, etc) which makes it incredibly hard to judge abeam and ball calls. I have input a NAV1 frequency into the Vlso interface for all runways and fields and when I dial in the relevant frequency Vlso rightly identifies the airfield. I did read on your complaints blog that there are no ILS or tacans at these bases in real life, but I find it hard to believe that there are not facilities that allow for an ILS and TACAN/DME read out. Surely students would not be expected to do it all by eye?

    2. After 20 passes, verbally all I am hearing is that I am (after many attempts :) 'Abeam' and on the 90 roll out I am getting 'no call the ball' at 3/4 mile and no talkdown calls at all. Then when nearing the bottom of the glide slope I get 'waveoff waveoff wave off' or 'wave off pattern' and that's it. So as you can appreciate, I am getting no talkdown to tell me if I am on or off course G/S and have no nav aids to guide me......

    Bit stuck Paddles, not sure if I am doing something wrong, or if you have made these insanely difficult :) any advice is greatly appreciated.

    A wonderful product buddy, hats off to you. Never give up on it, makes old sweats like me, sweat again!

    Best regards


  4. Hi Mac,
    It looks like you fly in manual ball mode. You can check your vLSO_log.txt file out and find something like 'no pilot response'.
    As for NAV aids, you can't have any mostly because of that Hornet's and Goshawk's HUDs can work only with ships.

    However, if you use the RFN gauge, you'll have whatever nav aids you can imagine.

  5. Mac...FLCPs are completely visual and there are no instruments necessary. It takes some practice, but we (VUSN.ORG) have been doing them without navaids for years. Once you master that, doing Case I will be the same without instruments.

  6. Thanks for your time and your answer. I wondered how people had made Youtube videos with the ILS and distance showing in the F18E whilst doing FCLP using your scenery. obviously the RFN gauge is the missing piece of the puzzle.

  7. Paddles,

    Just wanted to say thank you for all the work you've put into this. It's an astonishingly good program that brings a level of immersion I wouldn't have believed possible on a desktop sim.

    Also, thank you for that modified halo.bmp file. Not only does it make my FLOLS usable at a realistic distance, it makes the deck lights, runways/taxiways etc look so much better!