Saturday, April 21, 2018

WIP: T-45C repaints

When I have time I like making aircraft repaints, especially from a 'what if' series. This time my fantasy was the Goshawk sporting all black livery and Aussie BAE Hawk line paint. Though not perfect but fun... 😉


  1. Hi - quick post to say a huge thanks for the great work you folks put into our FSX carrier sim hobby.

    I like the idea of some what-if paints for the T-45. Here's an idea: Just as in the late 80s, VF-43 flew a T-2 Buckeye in aggressor colours, what if a similar unit (eg: VFC-13) had a couple of T-45s for a similar role?

    Beggars aren't choosers, but my vote: Am a huge sucker for red/yellow numbers on light grey/blue .... :

  2. Did you mean this kind of camo?

  3. Hey, FNP! Thanks for the reply.

    That's the real-world inspiration I was thinking of as an idea for the T-45.

    I suggested VFC-13 because it's the current analogue to the current real-world USN adversary training unit, similar to how VF-43 was thirty years ago.

    OK. I'll admit it - because I just think their scheme is righteous ... :)

    Hope that gives you some inspiration - thanks for considering, and for all the great work you guys do.


    I suggested VC-