Sunday, January 28, 2018

vLSO 1.0.2


This is another version with some bugfixes, updates and improvements.

One of the funny bugs worth mentioning was the Aerosoft F-14B Extended v3, named as follows:


So, in order to recognize this aircraft you have to open its Aircraft.cfg and change the atc_model to 'F14'. 😉

My big thanks go to Michel (as always), Scott Gray and Scita Borea, without whose help this version would not have been realized.

This version upgrades the logbook format, so I suggest to install this version into a new folder and copy your logbook into it, so the program will automatically update the logbook. Be warned that this 1.0.2 logbook can not be read by previous 1.0.1.* versions!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

vLSO 1.0.1


This is a new version of this program with numerous changes and bugfixes:
  • CV63 not detected. Fixed
  • Abeam calls absent. Fixed
  • Wrong waveoffs, bolters etc. Fixed
  • Wrong WOD calculation for practice carriers. Fixed
  • Added support for SimObjects installed outside the Prepar3D root folder
  • Added RFN and SWS practice carriers
  • The SDB CVN-65 is now supported both in FSX and RFN modes
  • some cosmetic changes...
My special thanks to Michel Panattoni for his assistance and suggestions.