Thursday, December 28, 2017

vLSO v.

This version fixes some bugs reported during first flights with the new release.

  • 'Add-ons' menu inconsistencies (spawn/remove practice carrier). Fixed
  • Triggering the ball call (UAC) without a carrier caused 'Access violation' error. Fixed
  • Customized NAV1 settings not saved. Fixed 
  • Wire caught not registered for SWS carriers. Fixed  
  • The SDB CVN-65 not properly detected. Partially fixed
The SDB CVN-65 comes in two versions - with default FSX FLOLS (4.12 degrees) and custom FLOLS, controlled by the RFN gauge. The program properly detects both variations, provided NAV1 is properly assigned and tuned to (NAV2 might be used in case of custom FLOLS). The last version of the RFN gauge works seamlessly with the carrier and the only problem yet to be solved is the glideslope differences in FSX and RFN modes, which causes some inconsistencies in monitoring and grading of an approach.

This version is an executable replacement, no need to install anything. Just download it and replace the existing vLSO.exe.

Good luck!

PS. Couple of small bugs were fixed today (28 December), so in case of 'Access violation' please re-download the version.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

New vLSO released!

It's finally here! It's not a beta, it's release v.1.0! And it's my Christmas gift to all of you, fellow simmers!

This new version is fully compatible with FSX/SE, Prepar3D 1 to 4 (including 64-bit), as well as with the RFN (32-bit only) and SimWorks Studios gauges.

Of course, you will notice some GUI improvements, but the most significant changes are under the hood. Almost all parts of the code were revisited, modified, rewritten from scratch or deleted. The data structure was changed and new version is not compatible with any of the previous beta versions. This means that you will have to qualify again...

Also, the vLSO config file format changed from INI to XML, which means that you will have to manually transfer your custom aircraft settings to the new program.

Before you start the program, I urge you to spend some time to read the manual. Probably, I should have described some parts in more details but it is what it is.

I want to express my gratitude to Sylvain Parouty (RFN) and Farley Kelly-Masterton (SimWorks). It's been an honor and privilege working with them. And my special grand merci goes to Michel Panattoni, ex naval pilot, who greatly helped me to debug and improve the RFN part of vLSO.

Well, that's it. Have fun and happy holidays!