Thursday, June 8, 2017

P3D v4, Unicode and vLSO


As I posted earlier, the new Prepar3D version features Unicode support. I modified my FSchecker proggy so it now supports Unicode. You can try it to make sure it works well on your systems with P3D v4 installed.


  1. Hey Paddles, Thanks for the discussion on magic carpet. I have another issue. I am using uchi's kntu scenery in P3d v3 and I put the Mk14 file of yours in as directed on the install txt. It works perfect in FSX however, everyplace I have FCLP (ie Fentress, Choctaw, Meridian, Lemoore...etc) I can not see the IFOLS lights. When the sim first loads up it shows them. flashing...then I take off and the lights go dark and don't light up. I realize that most of the ifols were designed for FSX, however, is there a fix for P3d v3.

  2. I tested FSChecker6 and works OK , but remember that P3D V4 now has many sceneries installed that not necesarily list in scenery.cfg...


    1. Oh, really? The v4 SDK states that 'The Scenery.cfg file stores the changes you make to your Scenery Library through the Prepar3D User Interface. You can manually edit this file using a text editing application such as notepad.

      Path to scenery.cfg
      %PROGRAMDATA%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4'

      However, you can place your custom scenery in any folder or even disk of your computer, but once installed via GUI it is listed in the scenery.cfg

  3. Hi Robert,
    Unfortunately, these IFLOLS don't work properly in P3D. The only IFLOLS, which I do know works well in P3D, is the RFN gauge. This gauge will be fully supported in the new vLSO version

  4. For me I am getting an Access Violation at Address 005D9E0B in module vLSO.exe read of adress 0000005A