Monday, January 16, 2017

Update to


Here's a new build of vLSO.

Two RFN aircraft added as supported by default.

Some bugs fixed (incorrect add/remove of logbook records). Thanks to Michel and other guys from RFN for reporting this bug!

And, as always, read the manual 😉


  1. Hi Paddles,
    I have the latest version of vLSO ( installed with P3D v2.5, OS Win 10, and I keep getting low calls and then waveoff even though I'm on glide path or a little high (with reference to the ball and confirmed by the debrief diagram). FYI, I fly the VRS Superbug with RFN Gauge and Team SDB Enterprise (advanced FLOLS model set at 3.5° by default), vLSO is in RFN mode. Can you look at this? Thanks


  2. Yes I will. Thanks for reporting this

  3. Paddles

    I get the following error when I startup vLSO.

    "EStringListError error raised, with message: List Index out of bounds(127535)"

    I am running version as an administrator. Windows 10 Pro and the latest version of P3D.


  4. Hey Paddles, are there any plans on reducing the tanker speed limit below 180KTS? I was wanting to practice refueling Super Stallions and Blackhawks with an addon kc-130, but 180 kts is quite fast for a heli lol. Unfortunately your program is one of the only FSX softwares that supports Tanking (besides the expensive TacPack) and its a bit of a bummer that i cant try it out with helis (although this program is for carrier ops, afterall... So I understand)

    Thanks in advanced

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