Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Update to


At last I managed to nail a nasty 'Access violation' bug, reported by many Windows 10 users. I initially thought that somethig very Windows 10 specific caused that bug... Well, long story short, it was FSX Steam Edition. 😕

If installed on a computer along with FSX and/or Prepar3D, this version works just fine. But when deployed on a clean machine (no flightsims ever installed), FSX:SE uses registry keys and certain folders and files, specific to FSX. My program mistakenly tried to open FSX:SE config files at non-existent locations, which caused that 'Access violation' error. I don't have the slightest idea why Dovetail guys decided to do that, but their decision definitely added some grey to my hair (and to many other simmers', according to numerous topics on devs forums).

I am grateful to Michel Raemy and Matt Thiffault for their assistance and help in searching and debugging this error.

Also, in this version the 'Use real WOD calls' switch is now functional.

The next version will feature its own installer. No more manual unzipping and copy/pasting! 😎

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