Friday, January 6, 2017

Update to [Edit]

Just one major bugfix concerning data sampling routines, thus a new release number 8.

And I'm still not happy with the wind settings... I guess most of pilots would prefer the FSX standard Wind speed slider. Any suggestions?

I found that most suitable WOD values for the Wind speed slider values would be:

  8: 20..22
16: 24..32
24: 34..40

These values are implemented in the version 

The program will prompt you the Wind speed value if it doesn't match the required WOD conditions.


  1. Our pilots are reporting that it is working great!!! Thanks Serge.

  2. Paddles. I saw another bug. When you input your callsign into the interface. The next time you open the app the callsign is not there. We at use it to input into our green board and our pilots are submitting lso reports without the callsign because they assume it stays in the config when they enter it. Can you take a look at that for us? Thanks

    Robert "Axe" Timberlake, RDML
    DCNO, Fleet Operations

    1. Robert,
      Thanks for the bugreport! It's my blooper. Fixed in the version, please redownload.

  3. Hey Paddles

    I fly with F-18E on the carrier Enterprise from Team SDB with the modified RFN Gauge. I can fly down until the ramp and get allways a OWO right before I catch wire 3. My Approach is stable with Ball and ILS. I did modify the tacpack parameter to fit RFN Gauge. Did I miss something?

    Thx Chris

    1. Chris,
      I'll see what's wrong with the Big E. Thanks!
      By the way, TacPack parameters have no influence on vLSO.

  4. Hi Paddles,
    I have the same issu than Christian Tenger.
    I fly Fouga Zephyr with RFN Gauge on Charles de Gaulle carrier.
    I also get allways WO when I am OK with Ball and ILS. The debriefing glideslope is allways a little over the top green line.
    Jean (D5turbi)

  5. Guys,
    Yes, it is known glitch. We (RFN guys and me) work on this OWO issue.

  6. Thx paddles

    I know that the tacpack has no influence... its just to have the right needle position before i see the ball clearly.. i fly with oculus rift and 0.8 mile is hard to see ball

    Thx to let me know