Thursday, December 29, 2016

New version [Edit]

Ok, guys

It's finally here. I named this version as Christmas edition.
So what's new? Everything!

  • new design with changeable skins
  • RFN support
  • new manual, now in CHM format
  • multiple flightsim configurations support
  • new INI file format to support multiple flightsims
  • practice carriers
  • user activated calls (ex.manual ball calls)
  • new debrief window
  • and lots of internal changes here and there
It took me over a year to assemble all those features in this new version, but it's still not a release, it's actually a transition version. It is still compatible with previous 0.8 betas but I'm going to make some more improvements, particularly to change the logbook format. And that hopefully should be a release...

So, that being said, be prepared for potential errors and glitches. I'm always open for your feedback and criticism.

I'd like to give special thanks to Michel Panattoni who provided invaluable assistance in debugging the RFN part of this release. Bravo, Michel!

PS. Some things to remeber:
- The manual is still WIP and some parts are missing or incompleted. Feel free to ask me.
- When switching to RFN mode and back, please restart vLSO. This will be corrected in the next version.
- I have removed downloads of all previous versions - no way back!

[Edit] The download link is updated to version with minor bugfixes. Please redownload.

I temporarily disabled the help button in the version. Looks like I'll need to consider getting from the CHM help back to good old PDF format.

Happy New year and happy virtual langings!