Saturday, November 12, 2016

New version [WIP]

Dear fellow simmers,
I've been working on a new vLSO version for a year or so. Yes, this will be a new version, not just another beta. The most noticeable feature of this version is its new design with custom skins:
Less visible but no less important options are all FSX and Prepar3D versions support with separate configurations for each sim, integration with RFN gauge, an optional practice carrier with adjustable WOD, user activated calls (ex.manual calls) now with joystick support, more convenient debrief window etc.

Another option I'm going to add to the program is using real WOD calls when applicable. For sure you did hear such calls like 'Roger ball, 23 knots' on numerous carrier videos.

I already have a number of good samples for WOD calls from 23 to 29 knots and a single call for 38 knots. But a whole range of calls from 30 to 37 knots are still missing.

So, I have a favor to ask you guys, if by any chance you have such missing samples or know places where to get them (mostly youtube videos?), could you share them?

Correction. I just got 2 sample calls for 30 and 31 knots, so the missing calls are 32 to 37.