Sunday, May 24, 2015


A small update once again - you can now disable the exterior lights check (if you find it annoying). This option is a subset of the NATOPS option, that is, if the NATOPS is disabled then the 'Lights on deck' is disabled as well.
Just download and replace the vLSO.exe file.

To not clutter the blog, I have removed the two previous .exe downloads ( and

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  1. VLSO_09820

    Windows 10 + FSX Steam Edition

    The opening of vLSO generates systematically an error. This error shows itself of two different manners according to the chosen planes:

    Opening of vLSO0. with F-14 or T-45C Dino Cattaneo, F / A-18E VRS = " Access violation at address 005CD0AC in module ' vLSO.exe '. Read of address 00000052 " (Image)
    Opening of vLSO0. with Berguet on 1050 Alizé, or Etendard IVM, not of "Access violation" but plane not supported by vLSO. (Image).
    Green headband : " WARNING: This aircraft is not supported by vLSO ".
    Internal part makes windows vLSO: Aircraft Alize_gris_56-requin without the active green point
    No location of the plane.
    RFN is inactive
    Michel Raemy,Suisse