Tuesday, April 14, 2015


This is just a small update to the program - the version of vLSO being added to the export formats CSV and XML (at Scott Gray's request).
Just download and replace the vLSO.exe file.


  1. I can't tune in to the Team SDB USS Enterprise tacan or intercept it's localizer. However my landnings are graded just fine. I understand from different forums that others have the same problem. Is there a way I can get the tacan/localizer working?

    /Mats, Sweden

  2. Mats,
    The SDB model (as well as all other FSX carriers) has no TACAN/localizer whatsoever. On the other hand, vLSO doesn't rely on TACAN or anything like that to spot and monitor a carrier; that's why your landings aboard the Enterprise were graded..The presence of ILS needles/crosshairs completely depends on your aircraft's HUD gauge. For example, FSXBA Hornet as well as Dino's Tomcat and Goshawk have their HUD gauges specifically modded to support the SDB Enterprise.

  3. Thanks for the version addition!!!

  4. Dear vLSO,

    I am running on p3d 2.5 and I have a slight problem.

    The lights on the IFLOLS seem to be positioned about half a meter behind the IFLOLS scenery and are therefore blocked from view on approach. Any ideas what is causing this?