Sunday, February 8, 2015


Ok guys,
This is a small update, fixing the repeating access violation errors.
Also, a button, opening the vLSO manual, has been added to the UI. A small convenience... ;)


  1. For some reason, when I open vlso the window is not large enough for the program, and I cannot drag the corner to make it larger. It has a vertical and horizontal scroll bar, and even when I "maximize" the window it remains in this restricted size.

    This may just be my machine, but I can't seem to fix it.

  2. I downloaded v0.8.2.5 for my first try at using vLSO. The download and Unzip went as expected but when I open the .exe, it connects to FSX, makes the LSO calls when I land on a carrier, and created the vLSO Log file. My only problem is that the Main Page will not display so I cannot see the logbook, debrief, etc. Looking through the Log file, it appears that the program is working. Any ideas?

    1. Help! I'm going non-current! Just expertly conducted a major reinstall of everything FSX. I originally had (vLSO but decide to use v0.8.2.5. I can do CAROPs fine, but its LSO is being awful quiet except in-close. So, vLSO logbook and grading works, but if I trap (SDB "BIG E"), FSX brings up error msg (missing .wav files) - 8 of them. I tried looking through all accessible versions, no joy. They aren't there. They aren't FSX/ other addon .wav files either. Seriously confused - glitch is looking for these calls/.wavs:
      4.) brin numero 1.wav (through) brin numero 4.wav [that's four .wavs]
      5.) announce mirror.wav
      6.) trop bas.wav
      7.) alignment.wav [strange because I heard this one]
      8.) waveoff waveoff.wav

      Might totally be a version mix up, but still - who has seen these files?

  3. Try to delete the following lines from the vLSO.ini file:


    Then restart the program.

    1. Paddles,
      Thanks very much for the response. I did as suggested and verified that the change had been saved; restarted and still no main page visible. Then when I close the program, the lines are restored in the .ini file (including the original values) and the file "Date Modified" time stamp updates.

    2. Paddles,
      Just on a hunch, I tried setting Monitor=1 instead of default 0 and the main page appeared! Note: I do have a Triple Head to Go plus 3 other monitors and this change resulted in the Main Page showing up on my primary monitor. Thanks for such an outstanding add-on!