Monday, January 12, 2015


Here's another quick fix to the vLSO program:
  • No more false CASE III announcements in a clear sunny day
  • Obsolete INI manual ball entry removed.
Thanks Tom and Garen for spotting those bugs ;-)


  1. I'm sorry for not reporting that one to you earlier FSXNP. I had spotted it on the first flight itself and then on the next two also.
    Silly of me to have omitted getting back to you on this.

  2. Not sure if the CASE III bug is fixed or not. I have installed this new version and ever since then if I fire up vLSO 8.2.3 while on the ground it automatically says it's CASE III even on clear days, or even fair conditions. I will take off, and head towards the ship restarting vLSO 3-4 times enroute and it still says CASE III. Only time I can get it to clear and change to CASE I is restarting while I am overhead the ship in the hold pattern or Marshall Stack. Not sure if anyone else is getting these issues, if not then clearly it is something I am doing wrong. Thanks for any responses and help.

  3. Same here, I've installed the new and am getting CASE III calls on perfectly clear days.