Wednesday, January 7, 2015


And yet another update, guys...

As it turned out, the FSX SE SimConnect server is not compatible with the FSX's. Though I've finally managed to make this version communicate with FSX SE but not all SimConnect functions seem to work properly. Alas...Will be thinking how to deal with this new problem.

To finish on a good point, this new beta features a new LSO comment - the SHB. Yes, the SHB! Very difficult to perform but worth to score a pure Ok. Hard break somewhere at 0.7-0.4 behind the boat at 600-700' with the speed well above 400 kts and try to roll into the groove at usual 0.7 NM (manual mode allows for 0.5 NM).

Good luck! ;-)

PS. The beta has been removed, because of not working with FSX SE.


  1. I like the sound of SHB :)

    Thanks Paddles.

    Steam compatibility is no biggie for me. It can wait.

    Thanks again mate.

  2. I am using this with FSX. I do not have Acceleration. I get only "Case 3 operations BRC 095, altimeter 2995", but I get no other audio, and no traps are recorded.

  3. The manual states that vLSO supports Acceleration only. This doesn't mean it prevents you from using this program with other FSX versions, but nothing is guaranteed in this case...

  4. Outstanding product! Bravo Zulu! I've been using it since Sept. While using the latest release, I noticed hat I get N/A for TIG... Using Manual Ball Call and the Ball Call shows up in debrief. Also, the Grade no longer shows up in the comments area. Is this intentional or do I need to check my settings? Using VRS Rhino, etc. Thanks again, Paddles!

  5. Wow! This is the sort of utility for FSX that makes a great sim into a wonderful sim. Great job! And a big thank you.

    One small question (bug report): how come when one gets close to Dino's S-3B to refuel, the AI plane activates the "water rudder" making the S-3B fold the tail?

    1. The water rudder command is used in the DSB S-3 to deply the hose. I'm not sure what command does the same In Dino's S-3.

    2. I asked Dino and his response was that there will be a dedicated S-3B tanker. It's just a matter of time...