Monday, December 22, 2014

vLSO integration pack for FSX NAS Lemoore

I'm happy to share my vLSO integration pack for uchi's NAS Lemoore scenery.

Please download the pack from the sidebar and read the included readme file prior to unzipping.
Be advised that the KNLC_SceneryConfigurator.exe utility, bundled with the Lemoore scenery, does not add or remove Mk14 trailers. This is done by the two .cmd files included in my pack.

Happy bouncing!


  1. Scenery looks amazing, unfortunately have not been able to download it over the past 12 hours. Not sure if the file is broken or corrupted. I thought maybe it was a web browser issue that usually may happen here or there with cloud drives etc. But I have tried using Firefox, IE, Google Chrome, and Torch all with nothing to show. SMH!

  2. Do you mean my vLSO integration pack? Just checked it - it downloads ok...

  3. No, I was actually talking about the Uchi Scenery itself. I have download all the integration stuff such as the MK14 Trailors, new version of vLSO etc. I just cannot download the scenery from Uchi's site. The OneDrive is not a great tool to use sharing such a popular file just my opinion. Luckily another friend had downloaded it already and was able to send me a copy in Dropbox. All of the stuff on this site for vLSO downloads fine for me, I just wanted to get the new Lemoore scenery since I was stationed there and plan to go back, really wanted to fly around the area in FSX.