Tuesday, December 23, 2014

vLSO is ready

Ok, guys,
Here's a Christmas gift for you - the beta. Hope you will thoroughly enjoy it.
What's new?
  • Prepar3D support (v1 and v2)
  • CV63 Kitty Hawk (Aerosoft) support
  • A history window of LSO text messages
  • New aicraft types supported by default
  • The AUTO and LOG options moved from the .ini file  to the settings window
  • CASE3 'BRC' calls replaced with 'Expected final bearing' calls
  • A window for manual ball calls is extended up to 0.5 NM
  • Eased IW waveoff restrictions
  • A number of other minor tweaks and fixes
This version is backward compatible with previous 0.8 and 0.7 versions and vLSO 0.8.2 can read logbooks written with previous versions, but not the opposite.

Also, please first read the manual (p.6) on possible SimConnect issues with Prepar3D installs.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you and your families!

There was a bug crawled into the final release, which garbled LSO comments to something unreadable and caused range errors when trying to debrief them.
Please re-download the 0.8.2 beta now free of this bug.
You can e-mail me your garbled logbook and I will convert it back to a readable form. My apologies for this inconvenience...


  1. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Serge.

    Thank you for the lovely seasons "present".
    Downloading now.

  2. Noticed that no Tanker aircraft are visible in the Settings area.

  3. Please read my answer on the FSDT forum

  4. Here's a hint from Scott on fixing this problem - try running FSX Registry Repair.

  5. After the first start i'm not able to see the addons submenus (FLCP period, initial CQ, etc.) what's my error?

  6. Hi Serge,

    Thank you so much for the Christmas gift. Everything works fine for me, except that my F-A/18 (Sludge) cannot see the CV63 Kitty Hawk...when preparing for landing it, I can hear the LSO guiding the approach, but I can't see it in the HUD (no needles, no distance to the carrier), even when tuning TACAN to 58X or to ILS 112.10. Everything works fine with the Aerosoft F-14, but not with the Sludge.
    Thanks for your advice, and for this great program of yours,


  7. Johan,
    The Sludge HUD won't show anything like ILS or TACAN when flying around the CV63. Switching frequencies won't help either, because it's all about the HUD gauge, which should 'know' this carrier, as it currently knows the Acceleration and Javier's carriers.

  8. That makes sense. I have the same problem with the Aerosoft F-14:
    Besides the CV63, I can tune it with Javier's carrier on TACAN 57X but I can't tune it with the Team SDB CVN Enterprise on TACAN 87X. Note that the default F-A/18 and the Sludge both connect very well with Team SDB CVN Enterprise on TACAN 87X.


  9. Thats super cool.
    Hey guys i was just wondering if vlso will work with fsx steam edition ??

    Is there a road map for that ?

    Kind regard,

  10. Yes, it is. Do I get it right that you're an owner of FSX:SE? If so, could you drop me an email?

  11. Cool, then solved out my problemes as superbug and tackpack will be soon compatible too. I just bought the FSX:SE.


  12. Just wanted to see about getting some help. I was trying to export my Logbook on 8.2.0 and I keep getting errors while doing it. One is " Range Check Error " and the other is " I/O error 32 ". Anybody have any ideas? Thanks in advance!