Friday, December 19, 2014

Some thoughts...

As you know, in FSX we have a number of similar aircraft created by different authors. Example: the Acceleration F/A-18A and the FSXBA F/A-18C. Another example: the Aerosoft F14A/B and Dino's F14D... Despite these are different aircraft they all have the same FSX designation (namely the atc_model parameter). By the way, vLSO relies on that atc_model parameter, so in logbooks you can see both Hornets as F18, and all three Tomcats as F14. The only good exception to this 'rule' is the VRS F/A-18E Super Hornet, whose atc_model is F18E.

What to do? How to tell one model from another? Well, my suggestion is to manually modify the atc_model parameter as follows:

F18C = FSXBA F/A-18C
F14A = Aerosoft F14A
F14B = Aerosoft F14B
F14D = Dino's F14D

I'm going to integrate these models into the upcoming 0.8.2 beta and all you'll have to do is to edit the above mentioned parameters. It's easy - open the relevant aircraft.cfg file in an editor (e.g.Notepad), find the [General] section, edit the atc_model parameter and save the file.

Of course, the old F18 and F14 parameters will remain as default, too.