Monday, September 1, 2014

vLSO is ready

Ok guys,
This time nothing special, just some small cosmetic changes and a 'Range check error' correction. People would experience this error only when approaching a FCLP area with a carrier (or two) present within a 50nm range.

Happy bouncing!


  1. Paddles,

    I will test out the 0812 also, but I kept getting the "Range Check Error", even when I was no where around an FCLP area.

    The boat was spawned about 90 nm East of Oceana NAS (KNTU) with no FCLP scenery anywhere close.

    This has been an issue for a few versions now, but never got a handle on what causes it?

  2. Hey Paddles,

    I had tried and tried to get this version working properly and I cant.......I get NO LSO voice commands ......I have all audio and coms set as you described with no luck...any ideas??? for now I have to use an older version.....

  3. Javier,
    I would check these three items:
    - vLSO audio device (the Settings window) matches the device your speakers are connected to
    - ZIP button - OFF
    - COM* button - ON

    FYI. Nothig in the has changed in respect to sounds.

  4. Paddles...I did what you asked and I am still not hearing LSOs on final approach.....what do you think could be the problem....I can hear carrier ATIS and BRC but no Paddles.....

  5. Very interesting... Two last things to check:
    - NUG button - ON
    - the Sound folder is present (in the vLSO folder) and not empty

  6. I'm getting all the sounds except the 3/4 mile call. no voice or text. but i do get the roger ball call and everything else

  7. That's correct. In real life they don't say 'call the ball' during CASE1, so I've changed the program appropriately.

  8. Still no LSO voice............all buttons are on as required..but no LSO voice ...does anyone have any ideas on how to fix?????

  9. I am also getting no sound. I am using 7.0 and that works fine. Awaiting some guidance.

  10. When I trap, it shows text of the wire I trapped on..but its really quick. is there a way to make it show a few seconds longer?