Saturday, January 18, 2014

beta 0.8 WIP

This video demonstrates a roll back feature of the vLSO new version:

What's more?
  • Export/import of logbook records in vLSO binary format, so you will be able to show your passes to your friends and vice versa.
  • Export logbook records to a XML file.
  • Qualification procedures and field practice support, however the original NATOPS requirements were slightly adopted to FSX and programming limitations.
  •  GPA stat board now shows your currency as well.
  • More LSO logbook comments - TWA, TCA, LIG
  • and other minor changes...


  1. Looks great and can't wait for the Green Board function.

  2. I love this program. Thanks for sharing. I'm still hopeless at it, not caught a wire yet in 53 approaches!

    As you say, practice,practice,practice :)