Friday, January 24, 2014

beta 0.8 WIP [2]

Ok guys, this time I'd like to show you my latest changes to the GUI.

Honestly, I was never happy with that cluttered 'Date, CASE' column and finally I decided to move all CASE info into a separate column and switch to graphical CASE presentation. I believe, that graphic form is far better and easier to read, than the old text one. A 'blue sky with a number' represents Day CASE approach, a 'dark sky with a moon' represents Night approach respectively:

Perhaps the only thing to discuss here is those icons ;-) And I'm open for that...

Guys from the FSDT forums are suggesting a more consistent form of CASE presentation. Got rid of graphic, only numbers now, also added different backgrounds for all possible CASE day approaches (the more severe the conditions the darker background):

Also, note that another new column has been added to the Stat board - currency of a pilot . This one shows all the necessary information concerning pilot's qualification and practice state and follows (in general) LSO NATOPS. This feature is under your control and if you are a casual pilot and all you want to do is fly a couple of passes around the boat, just turn it off.

And finally, two new buttons appeared below the Stat board - the Export and Import buttons - in place of that dummy Greenieboard button, hanging there for a long, long time... The two corresponding functions will allow pilots to exchange their logbooks with each other, as well as with their CO/LSO (or other person in charge with their squadron's greenieboard).


  1. Any chance to get a CSV option for the export? Looking for a clean php to mysql script to transfer pilots greenboard info to the website.

  2. Why not? ;-)
    BTW, is XML not good or too complicated to parse?

  3. Not being a programmer I have reviewed various parsers and it seems a simple CSV files upload to a mysql DB would be the easiest. As long as the pilot's id is included in each data line I think it would work.

  4. Also, I see you have aircraft # what about changing that to type? Makes a big difference qualing in a T-45 vs an F-14 or F/A-18.

  5. Fair enough... A sample CSV would look like this:


    Currently no other pilot's identification is provided by the data structure. Will the pilot's Callsign instead of his ID suffice your needs or not?

    As for AC type vs number, it's easy to change to AC type. We'll see

    1. That CSV looks good, thanks. The AC Type issues could result in much work for you given that it would need to track currency based on AC Type not just time. Not a big deal if you don't want to spend the time. The CSV was a bigger issue, so now I can code our Greenboard.

    2. Sorry, looks like you forgot the LSO Comments in that CSV.

  6. Ok, I'll add the CSV format to existing export options, as well as the LSO comments

    I know that in real life they track currency for each AC type and that switching to another AC type is a rare event in a pilot's career... But in this simulation we are free to fly any aircraft any time we want, so following NATOPS currency requirement to the letter would be a cumbersome task.