Monday, December 23, 2013

vLSO beta

Merry Christmas and happy New Year to all of you fellow simmers!
My Christmas gift is waiting for you right here on the sidebar. Have fun!

WARNING - this beta is compatible with other 0.7.* betas, but I have slightly changed sounds naming system, so you should remove (or rename) the vLSO Sound folder prior to unzipping this package.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

beta WIP

Ok guys,
Here's my quick WIP report. Thanks to Goonie, who gave me a heads up, there will be some new features in the upcoming beta:
1. A 'Clara' option.
Read this post and watch the attached video. Cool! In FSX you can also find yourself in trouble where you can't see the ball, either in heavy fog or being 'sun blinded'...
See the pictures - can you call the ball? ;-)

So, in situations like these you will be able to call 'Clara' (as in real life) and vLSO will try to talk you down to the wires. Some necessary changes to the interface are being applied:

2. Changing audio samples after each successful landing.
Currently the program randomly selects LSO audio samples upon its startup and then plays them until you exit. With the new version you will hear different LSO voices each time you trap.

Other features in my to do list are:
  • Aircraft rollback after landing on the deck (as in real life)
  • Random waveoffs during FCLP and carrier practice (as in real life)
  • Logbook export to a separate Greenieboard program.
That's all. folks! :)))