Tuesday, July 9, 2013

NOLF Choctaw issue solved

I'm sorry I've missed a BGL file which was a part of Brandon's original scenery pack. The lack of this file causes the runway elevation issues. To solve this problem just re-download the Choctaw scenery and unzip it to the main FSX folder (overwriting existing files) or just unzip the missing knfj_adex_bt_alt.bgl to the FSX Scenery/World/Scenery folder.


  1. At Choctaw, I found the lighted landing areas to be so bright that it washed out the IFLOLS lights, making it difficult to shoot an approach. Since there doesn't seem to be any way to control the light intensity of either the IFLOLS or the landing area, I removed the KNFL_R18.bgl and KNFJ_R36.bgl files, then constructed a new landing area light matrix using the Edge Lights tool in Airport Design Editor, which CAN be adjusted in intensity. Now I can see the IFLOLS lights quite well. (Still wish I could turn their intensity down some.)

  2. To help myself learn what a proper sight picture ought to look like when making a FCLP at Choctaw, I installed an ILS but, after hours of work, never could get it to work. Then I noticed the field elevation was set to 357.999, which is totally unreal for Choctaw. I changed it to 106. My ILS instantly started working properly with a good glide slope indication all the way down to the ground.