Sunday, June 9, 2013

NALF Fentress update

The NALF Fentress scenery now gets photorealistic. And again, FSX puzzled me a lot. The satellite imagery from various sources reveal that the default Fentress runway is misplaced. Notice it's wrong position and direction:
Well, having sat images at handy I thought why not to try creating a photo scenery? Reading forums and SDK, learning tools and programs, and voila - here's my first ever photoscenery:
Runway 05
Runway 23
Old and abandoned runways
A new LSO shack
Of course, this is just a beginning and there's still enough work to do - night and seasonal textures, color corrections here and there, adding FCLP stuff etc., but in general the scenery looks nice and smoothly blends into the existing landscape.


  1. Another interesting FCLP location here? (hint: Iwo Jima):

  2. Nice work of course (I would say that because....) how about an FCLP at NAS Nowra NSW Australia please? :-) Back in those days there was no other FCLP site - only the main airfield runway - usually with the portable mirror on Runway 26 - at night - with all the airfield lights out, including any base building, street lights and the married quarters nearby, so as to recreate the blackness at sea and to remove any visible land clues, to force the 'meatball, lineup and airspeed (Opt AoA) A4G Skyhawk approach to the portable limpet lights on the runway which marked out the carrier deck. These lights were not damaged by aircraft wheels - although they would move if hit.

    1. Ok, we'll discuss this a bit later when the four previously announced FCLP locations are ready.

  3. Mind sharing a bit on your photoscenery workflow? I'm always interested in hearing about others methodology for creating photoscenery.

    1. Orion, no problem.
      My starting point was here I followed this great tutorial almost literally ;-) Perhaps the only difference is that I'm using Photoshop instead of Gimp. By the way, Adobe has recently made CS2 free, but this pretty old version still remains the most powerful tool, imho... Also, I'm using TIFF format instead of BMP, as suggested on page 23 of that tutorial.

      Here's my tool set:
      SbuilderX 3.13
      Adobe Photoshop CS2
      Airport Design Editor 1.55
      Resample, Annotator and TmfViewer (FSX SDK)
      Google Sketchup 8
      ModelConverterX 1.3