Thursday, June 13, 2013

NALF Fentress update [2]

Just a quick WIP update...
Well, my night and seasonal textures are ready and I'm happy with what I've got. I used sat images from various sources at the highest resolution possible, which is about 60cm/pixel. Nevertheless, the total size of the scenery is still under 30M.

Last fall real Fentress was reopened  with major improvements including a brand new runway with nearly 2,000 feet of smooth white concrete at each end, leveled with the new middle section of asphalt, two new LSO shacks, LED lighting along the runway, taxiway, in the carrier box and signs. As you can see, my FSX version of Fentress runway is wholly concrete and it perfectly matches photoreal backgrounds.
The new LSO shacks provide improved visibility for LSOs to observe aircraft approaches and landings. Besides, the new shacks feature a unique 'green house' style:

What's next? Ok, next my builders gang will start painting two carrier boxes at each runway ends and then mount carrier deck lights. This time the lights will be unidirectional, like real old L-852N used for carrier boxes. Carrier deck lights will be the only lights around since “It is an ideal location because of the lighting, or lack thereof,” explained Fentress Officer in Charge Lt. Jimmy Navarro. “It basically mirrors what they would see when they’re landing on an aircraft carrier, because there’s no lights around. It’s a tremendous challenge. That’s what Fentress does for the guys.”


  1. Yes. Minimising other light interference from whatever source - other than the abeam light and the carrier deck lights and IFLOLS - is important. And it is challenging.

  2. Wow, looks great Serge!