Saturday, May 4, 2013

vLSO update

At texxasal's request at the FSDT forum, I have added support for more AI carriers. These carriers are actually Javier's Nimitz repaints, nicely made by Gary Taylor for TacPack (as far as I know). Nine more ships for the fleet:
  •   CVN70 USS Carl Vinson 
  •   CVN71 USS Theodore Roosevelt
  •   CVN72 USS Abraham Lincoln
  •   CVN73 USS George Washington
  •   CVN74 USS John C. Stennis
  •   CVN75 USS Harry S. Truman
  •   CVN76 USS Ronald Reagan
  •   CVN77 USS George H.W. Bush
  •   CVN65 USS Enterprise (repaint only)
As the latter is a repaint only, it retains all Nimitz-class carrier's geometry. To land on actual USS Enterprise, get one made by SDB team.

This version is compatible with and betas.


  1. Great, thank you VERY much!
    I use the program since, and I esp. like different weather settings with case 1, 2 or 3 approaches.
    But since, I can not get CASE 2 conditions anymore. Which worked fine previously.
    IMC above 1.000 ft during daylight gave perfect CASE 2 with vLSO, but always CASE 1 with
    No big deal, just a little strange.
    Not sure why this happens.
    Do you still get CASE 2??
    I fly vrs F/A-18E since the beginning and did not change anything else.
    Thank you!

  2. Where can we get Gary Taylor's repaints for Javier's Nimitz?