Saturday, May 25, 2013

NOLF Coupeville renewal

As texassal at the FSDT forum has pointed out that "in the case of Coupeville, the scenery/runway supplied doesn't match that which folks already have installed (in my case I use Mega Scenery Earth which is a faithful representation from Google Earth sources)." I promptly checked my KNRA scenery out and found that the scenery actually didn't match the real one because of 4 degree discrepancy. There's a good quality scenery  made by chuck79 with photoreal textures. I used this scenery as a reference, so my runway now matches the real one. This scenery also features some airfield buildings and stuff, looking more or less authentic. Fortunately, Flickr fotos by AvgeekJoe revealed the  real deal and I thought why not to make the scenery and its buildings even more authentic? ;-) So I had to create them from scratch. This time I used Google Sketchup. It's a easy to use tool, by the way, and here are some screenshots of my current work:
A general view
The Coupeville tower
The fire depot

The Coupeville weather radar


  1. Nice photos/videos of CoupeDeVille :-) on FlickR - thanks. Here is an action overhead shot:

    1. Spaz,
      Here's another jump at CoupDeVille )))

  2. Google Sketchup tends to be very demanding on system resources (FPS) do not get to much detail into the models...