Saturday, May 25, 2013

NOLF Coupeville renewal

As texassal at the FSDT forum has pointed out that "in the case of Coupeville, the scenery/runway supplied doesn't match that which folks already have installed (in my case I use Mega Scenery Earth which is a faithful representation from Google Earth sources)." I promptly checked my KNRA scenery out and found that the scenery actually didn't match the real one because of 4 degree discrepancy. There's a good quality scenery  made by chuck79 with photoreal textures. I used this scenery as a reference, so my runway now matches the real one. This scenery also features some airfield buildings and stuff, looking more or less authentic. Fortunately, Flickr fotos by AvgeekJoe revealed the  real deal and I thought why not to make the scenery and its buildings even more authentic? ;-) So I had to create them from scratch. This time I used Google Sketchup. It's a easy to use tool, by the way, and here are some screenshots of my current work:
A general view
The Coupeville tower
The fire depot

The Coupeville weather radar

Friday, May 17, 2013

More FCLP locations to come 2

Good news - two more OLFs by Brandon Thetford will be vLSO compatible soon - his brilliant Choctaw and Joe Williams sceneries. These sceneries feature photorealistic backgrounds and authentic custom objects.
I add a IFLOLS Mk14 and a carrier box with deck lights on each end of runway.

Choctaw R36, day
Choctaw R18, dusk
Joe Williams R31, day
Joe Williams fly-by, dusk  

So, there will be four FCLP locations compatible with vLSO - NOLF Coupeville, NALF Fentress, NOLF Choctaw and NOLF Joe Williams.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

More FCLP locations to come

Well, at last I dusted off my trusty Gmax and other modeling stuff and started working on a new FCLP location - NALF Fentress. This time I'm going to make usable both runways at Fentress. This means there will be two IFLOLS, two LSO shacks, two carrier boxes with lighting and two abeam lights. Oh, and two wind socks, of course! ))) So, you will be able to choose a runway to bounce depending on winds...

Carrier box at Runway 23

Saturday, May 4, 2013

vLSO update

At texxasal's request at the FSDT forum, I have added support for more AI carriers. These carriers are actually Javier's Nimitz repaints, nicely made by Gary Taylor for TacPack (as far as I know). Nine more ships for the fleet:
  •   CVN70 USS Carl Vinson 
  •   CVN71 USS Theodore Roosevelt
  •   CVN72 USS Abraham Lincoln
  •   CVN73 USS George Washington
  •   CVN74 USS John C. Stennis
  •   CVN75 USS Harry S. Truman
  •   CVN76 USS Ronald Reagan
  •   CVN77 USS George H.W. Bush
  •   CVN65 USS Enterprise (repaint only)
As the latter is a repaint only, it retains all Nimitz-class carrier's geometry. To land on actual USS Enterprise, get one made by SDB team.

This version is compatible with and betas.