Monday, April 15, 2013

vLSO update

Clive at FSDT forum has reported that the program didn't work with the Coupeville FCLP scenery. As it appeared, he has installed it in a folder other than the FSX Addon Scenery folder. The FSX scenery config stores relative paths, whereas vLSO supposed they're absolute to the FSX main folder. This bug now fixed, so you can update the exe file only (anything else remains intact).
There's no other changes to the program, so those of you who install sceneries in the Addon Scenery folder may continue using


  1. vLSO is great, thank you VERY much!
    I use the program since, and I esp. like different weather settings with case 1, 2 or 3 approaches.
    But since, I can not get CASE 2 conditions anymore. Which worked fine previously.
    IMC above 1.000 ft during daylight gave perfect CASE 2 with vLSO, but always CASE 1 with
    No big deal, just a little strange.
    Not sure why this happens.
    Do you still get CASE 2??
    I fly vrs F/A-18E since the beginning and did not change anything else.
    Thank you!

  2. Frank,
    FSX weather system sometimes just drives me crazy ))) I'll revisit the part responsible for CASE detection and will fix it.

  3. This is great software...what would make it brilliant? NO ADD SUPPORTED CRAP HIDDEN IN THE DOWNLOADER. You want money? Charge me for it..... FFS I can't get this to load b/c my AV (Kaspersky) says it full of hidden shite)

  4. I have moved all my downloads to Google drive, which is free of adds and other stuff.