Saturday, April 13, 2013

vLSO is here

Ok, now it is ready to fly.
This is a full version with all that stuff, It is not compatible with any previous versions, so don't forget to remove your Logbook.dat.

What's new:

  • New internal sound system
  • Some GUI changes
  • Auto extendable drogue on the S-3B tanker
  • F-35C support
  • Two separate logbooks for CV and FCLP, stored in one file
  • Multiple carriers support (up to 7)
  • AoA, VSI and KIAS debriefing informer
  • CVN65 and HMS Ark Royal support (both with FSX FLOLS)
  • FCLP sceneries support

A new FCLP scenery and three missions are here as well - use the sidebar link. Download, read and install.

Happy flying!


  1. Thank you.......appreciate it.....

  2. Thanks Paddles. Appreciate it.

  3. Well, program installed but I cant hear LSO commands......

    All green lights on greenie board....
    Audio for FSX and vlso are the same.....
    Toggle Water Rudder was configured and entered in vLSO...

    Any ideas please cause I cant think of any....had smae issue with 6.5 but then it started working...thanks

  4. Is it possible to transfer a saved Logbook.dat file from vLSO 6.5.0 to a newer version such as 7.1.1? If so, how is this
    accomplished? Thank you. Call sign Voodoo.

  5. Voodoo,
    The 0.7.* and 0.6.* versions are incompatible due to different Logbook data structures, so it is impossible to transfer logbooks from one main version to another. This would require a special conversion program, which is currently not on my to-do list.