Wednesday, April 10, 2013

vLSO 0.7 news [sound]

Well, for the last few days I've been struggling with a nasty glitch in my program. As it turned out, the problem was in a piece of sound software, which didn't work as advertized and caused sudden hangups during an approach... This part of the program is being replaced now and it will take a few more days to code, test and debug.


  1. Sweet!

    So, we are looking for a possible release before the next weekend. :)

  2. Also, do you think it is possible to reduce the 'complexity' of the captcha, just a bit.

    These old eyes have a heck of a time trying to make any post. Heck, it's easier to get (OK)3 from vLSO then make a post, jk.

  3. I used to use ctrl + mouse wheel to zoom in/out some pages to relieve my eyes...