Sunday, March 10, 2013

vLSO WIP update

Ok, guys
The new 0.7 beta will support multiple carriers (up to 7 carriers).

Two new carriers - CVN65 Enterprise (by SDB team) and HMS Ark Royal IV (by Flying Stations team) - will be supported as well. Both in versions with standard FLOLS, not with custom OLS, which requires some additional coding.

Another feature of the 0.7 will be full FCLP support. At the time the only location the program will support is NOLF Coupeville. This will be my Coupeville scenery, made for FCLP pack vol.2, but slightly modified. I also plan to add two or three missions to fly FCLPs at Coupeville. The next FCLP location will most likely be NALF Fentress.

The ETA of the new beta is probably the end of this month (March)...

Dino has released his new F-14D, so my promised Black Bunny repaint is available now (see the side panel link).


  1. Looking forward to the release!


  2. Any chance of adding NAS Meridian as a FCLP location?

    Thanks again for a great product......

  3. Javer,
    Maybe, but I'm not promising you anything. ;-) That will mostly depend on the time available.

  4. NOLF Choctaw has been nominated as the Eglin AFB F-35C FCLP airfield because it is the best candidate. Any chance Choctaw replaces Fentress please? I guess the most scenic airfield is the best candidate eh. :-)

    Paddles Monthly Dec 2011 (2.3Mb)


    ...After weighing the various options, it was determined that NOLF Choctaw, located between NAS Pensacola and Eglin AFB, offered the most effective solution based on the various issues used to evaluate candidate airfields. First, Choctaw is located far enough away from any populated areas and thus hopefully removes any immediate concerns related to noise abatement. Secondly, because it is being prepared as the eventual OLF for F-35 operations out of Eglin AFB, a lighted carrier box is already installed and available for use. With the exception of moving a Mk-14 IFLOLS, Choctaw requires little infrastructure improvements in order to support FCLPs...." [Mk-14 is the shore-based version of the in use onboard Mk-13 IFLOLS (Improved Fresnel Lens Optical Landing System)]"

  5. Spaz,
    NOLF Choctaw is probably the most scenic, but in FSX its runway elevation is somehow 356', not 102' as in real life, which would require additional work to fix that glitch. There is a good FSX scenery by Brandon Thetford with a nice photoscenery, by the way. But there's no authentic carrier box (with night lighting) and a Mk14 IFLOLS. I don't think that 'tweaking' Brandon's work would be a great idea, so if I decided to create my own scenery, I'd have to start from scratch. No big deal, though. Just a matter of time...
    By the way, NALF Fentress' runway elevation is 16' both in FSX and in reality. ;-)

  6. FSXNP, OK. Good luck with your efforts. Always a pleasure to use your work in FSX. Thanks again.

  7. Please support Bear Studios' PLAN CV-16 and R-98 "Clemenceau" and R-91 "CDG" please~~~~~

  8. Also please make this compatible with "Pitching deck sample"

  9. liubolun,
    1. The CV-16.
    According to the info found on the net, its model utilizes the default FLOLS, so technically it is possible to integrate CV-16 support to the program, but I don't have a copy of the CV-16 so can't promise anything...

    2. The R98/R91.
    These two carriers utilize Sylvain Parouty's custom OLS which require some additional programming, as I mentioned earlier

    3. The pitching deck.
    I guess the program should work equally well with and without this mod.

  10. Hiya "Paddles",

    Didn't know that you had a blog of your own. Just found that out from Spaz's post on FSDT.

    Look forward to 0.7 release.


  11. First and foremost I would like to thank you for all the support you have given us through vLSO. I fly for and have seen mention the FCLP pack vol.1,2,3.

    Where can I download these packs? I see on the right sidebar where the LSO scenery builds are however, I am looking for more fields that have the vLSO capability.

    Any help would be great. Thanks


  12. Robert,
    Thanks for the kind words.

    The above mentioned FCLP packs are sets of training missions and they are not vLSO compatible - there were no vLSO at that time and the missions/sceneries are quite primitive and best suitable for initial training. You can find these packs on, search for 'FCLP Missions Pack'.

    However I'd suggest using real vLSO compatible sceneries published here on the right sidebar of the blog.