Sunday, March 10, 2013

vLSO WIP update

Ok, guys
The new 0.7 beta will support multiple carriers (up to 7 carriers).

Two new carriers - CVN65 Enterprise (by SDB team) and HMS Ark Royal IV (by Flying Stations team) - will be supported as well. Both in versions with standard FLOLS, not with custom OLS, which requires some additional coding.

Another feature of the 0.7 will be full FCLP support. At the time the only location the program will support is NOLF Coupeville. This will be my Coupeville scenery, made for FCLP pack vol.2, but slightly modified. I also plan to add two or three missions to fly FCLPs at Coupeville. The next FCLP location will most likely be NALF Fentress.

The ETA of the new beta is probably the end of this month (March)...

Dino has released his new F-14D, so my promised Black Bunny repaint is available now (see the side panel link).