Saturday, January 12, 2013

The beta is here

Finally I have added a long-awaited feature - Air-to-air refueling. Now you can simulate 'organic tanking' during carrier operations.
Another improvement is a new weather acquisition system. The old one caused some inconsistencies. I hope that the new system will be reliable and sound.

Here are a couple of screenies taken during AAR tests with this beta:

It was very challenging to stay close behind the tanker with my old noisy X45 stick...

A freeware S-3B flew at 3,000 ft with the speed of 220 knots. The pattern is a racetrack some 9x3 nm and takes approximately 6 min to fly full circle. The tanker starts overhead the carrier and follows its BRC.


  1. Its all about practicing...even harder to tank at night....

  2. Ok....about my problem... re-installed and was working fine for a short while...then as im picking up the BAll ,I hear ding-ding-ding..etc about 20X and get this message......

    X Access violation at address00403BDB in module 'vLSO.exe'. Read of adress FFFFFFFC

    Again had to revert to an old version ...any ideas??? Want to go back to V6.5