Saturday, January 5, 2013

Getting started....

Welcome aboard, fellow simmers!
This blog is for you, virtual carrier ops addicts.
My primary intention is to share information on my vLSO project - current versions, updates, bugreports, suggestions, ideas, etc...However I'm open to discuss many other flight sim matters - mission and scenery building, aircraft repaints, XML coding and such...


  1. Cool! :-) Thanks again for your excellent work.

  2. Thanks Serge...

    Im glad you started your own page and have gone off on your own! Really glad to see this project is growing leaps and bounds beyond its original concept.

    Good luck and will try to get this new version up and running. Just been getting my butt kicked with the latest Sludge Hornet stuff, so I haven't been testing like I should.


  3. Great program. I managed to slam the the T-45C onto the deck frequently. But doing it the correct and proper way is a lot more of a challenge.


  4. After using version 6.5 for a week, Ive got a problem. The program looks like its working ..everything is green but approaching the ship there are no LSO commands. Ive re-installed and still same problem. Ive had to revert to an old vLSO version.....any suggestions?

  5. Javier,
    First, are your passes being graded or not?
    There are a number of reasons of not hearing voice calls:
    - you're flying an unsupported aircraft
    - you're approaching an unsopprted carrier
    - your landing gears not lowered
    - you're either too high (>550') or too far left/right (+/-400') from the deck centerline when at 3/4nm
    - something happened to the wav files (missed, corrupted etc.)

  6. Things I do see....

    Marshal works...
    Vlso board shows everything communicating...Green
    I used an Accel FA18 to test....aircraft supported
    I am a pilot ,so Im on glideslope/localizer....

    got to be the wav one point,as Im 1/4 mi out, I had the error messages popping up when the LSO was suppose to be talking.....

  7. Have an idea to enhance hear continous Carrier Air Traffic Control(Marshal) the moment you get near the ship and program is active so we continous (CATC)radio chatter....I took voice files from videos on youtube and put them on a cd, so as Im doing carrier ops, I have CATC chatter in the backround enhancing the overall cd contains about 30min of CATC chatter.

  8. Javier,
    This is an interesting idea and I'll certainly see what I can do.

    1. There are many files available with ONLY T45s in the pattern and there are some with F14s and F18......

      so, my idea is if someone is flying T45s to a carrier with t45..ONLY the T45 CATC chatter you would here...

      ..if your flying F18 or f14 you would ONLY hear chatter involving these aircraft.

  9. BTW, I found my problem. I have been adjusting vLSO file to add aircraft. After I do this,is when my problems start. So, I am using 6.5 but leaving the file alone. I wanted to add my C2/E2 to VLSO but I dont because I like using the current version.