Saturday, January 26, 2013

Some good news.
First, the refueling drogue of the S-3B tanker now automatically extends when you're getting closer 500' and retracts when you are beyound this range. This particular IRIS S-3B freeware model supports the water rudder command (assigned in FSX to Ctrl-W by default), which toggles the drogue. And this command works in AI mode as well. So, vLSO now sends via SimConnect water rudder commands to control this thing.

Another big change to the program is completely new aircraft carrier detection and support system. All previous versions supposed there's only one carrier within 20 km range. But what about sceneries/missions with two or more cariers sailing line abreast?

And what about carriers, being added to the simulation via programs like AICarriers2?..

No problem, because vLSO now monitors ALL carriers in FSX world. As your aircraft enters the Carrier Control Area (a 50 NM radius around the carrier) of a carrier, this ship is given more scrutiny. 
When  you're within the single carrier's CCA, that single carrier automatically becomes your active carrier, i.e. the one with active LSO, monitoring your approaches.
If you're within two or more carrers' CCA, you will be given a dialog/menu choice of these carriers. Of course, you'll be able to change your active carrier at any time.

I still have not decided on number of carriers, due to some technical reasons (or FSX limitations). Most likely this number will be limited to no more than 9 carriers. More than enough, I guess...

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The beta is here

Finally I have added a long-awaited feature - Air-to-air refueling. Now you can simulate 'organic tanking' during carrier operations.
Another improvement is a new weather acquisition system. The old one caused some inconsistencies. I hope that the new system will be reliable and sound.

Here are a couple of screenies taken during AAR tests with this beta:

It was very challenging to stay close behind the tanker with my old noisy X45 stick...

A freeware S-3B flew at 3,000 ft with the speed of 220 knots. The pattern is a racetrack some 9x3 nm and takes approximately 6 min to fly full circle. The tanker starts overhead the carrier and follows its BRC.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Another bug fixed

Al Rosenberg at FSDT forum gave me a head-up, which helped to fix a very nasty bug. It was in weather requests. As it appeared, for some missions FSX answers weather requests, for some doesn't. I don't know why, but will try to find the answer. The weather condition is used to determine some CASE parameters. So, if the weather is unknown, vLSO can't find a carrier.

The beta is free of this bug.

PS. I have added to the sidebar a full beta package, so those starting from scratch can get it and use vLSO immediately. But read the included PDF first )))

PPS. I'll be removing the bottommost links as they become obsolete.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Getting started....

Welcome aboard, fellow simmers!
This blog is for you, virtual carrier ops addicts.
My primary intention is to share information on my vLSO project - current versions, updates, bugreports, suggestions, ideas, etc...However I'm open to discuss many other flight sim matters - mission and scenery building, aircraft repaints, XML coding and such...