Sunday, February 8, 2015


Ok guys,
This is a small update, fixing the repeating access violation errors.
Also, a button, opening the vLSO manual, has been added to the UI. A small convenience... ;)

Friday, January 16, 2015


This is mostly a fix of that nasty false CASE3 bug. I hope I've finally nailed it...
Also, in the process another couple of glitches was spotted and fixed. So, now the program looks like it should two versions back. Anyway, another step forward ;-)

Monday, January 12, 2015


Here's another quick fix to the vLSO program:
  • No more false CASE III announcements in a clear sunny day
  • Obsolete INI manual ball entry removed.
Thanks Tom and Garen for spotting those bugs ;-)

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


And yet another update, guys...

As it turned out, the FSX SE SimConnect server is not compatible with the FSX's. Though I've finally managed to make this version communicate with FSX SE but not all SimConnect functions seem to work properly. Alas...Will be thinking how to deal with this new problem.

To finish on a good point, this new beta features a new LSO comment - the SHB. Yes, the SHB! Very difficult to perform but worth to score a pure Ok. Hard break somewhere at 0.7-0.4 behind the boat at 600-700' with the speed well above 400 kts and try to roll into the groove at usual 0.7 NM (manual mode allows for 0.5 NM).

Good luck! ;-)

PS. The beta has been removed, because of not working with FSX SE.

Monday, January 5, 2015

vLSO update

Ok, guys

First, this version should support FSX Steam Edition. I say should because there may be some issues with SimConnect clients, and probably with FSX:SE itself (have read tons of duscussions of this on forums). Well, let's see...In case of troubles with the SE, please e-mail me a brief description of your situation.

Second, the range error, occured during logbook export to CSV/XML, has been fixed. And by this obvious reason the buggy beta has been removed from downloads.

Friday, January 2, 2015

HUD modifications

With the kindest permission of Jivko Rusev, I have slightly modified his HUD xml modules for use with the FSXBA F18C, as well as Dino's F14D and T45C. The purpose of modification was to help people navigate and land aboard FSX carriers by means of ILS/TACAN.

The supported carriers are:
  • CVN68 Nimitz (both versions)
  • CVN65 Enterprise
  • CV63 Kitty Hawk
  • R09 Ark Royal

Please find the package on the sidebar, download, read my short notes and install the included mods.

Happy New Year and happy landings!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

vLSO is ready

Ok, guys,
Here's a Christmas gift for you - the beta. Hope you will thoroughly enjoy it.
What's new?
  • Prepar3D support (v1 and v2)
  • CV63 Kitty Hawk (Aerosoft) support
  • A history window of LSO text messages
  • New aicraft types supported by default
  • The AUTO and LOG options moved from the .ini file  to the settings window
  • CASE3 'BRC' calls replaced with 'Expected final bearing' calls
  • A window for manual ball calls is extended up to 0.5 NM
  • Eased IW waveoff restrictions
  • A number of other minor tweaks and fixes
This version is backward compatible with previous 0.8 and 0.7 versions and vLSO 0.8.2 can read logbooks written with previous versions, but not the opposite.

Also, please first read the manual (p.6) on possible SimConnect issues with Prepar3D installs.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you and your families!

There was a bug crawled into the final release, which garbled LSO comments to something unreadable and caused range errors when trying to debrief them.
Please re-download the 0.8.2 beta now free of this bug.
You can e-mail me your garbled logbook and I will convert it back to a readable form. My apologies for this inconvenience...