Monday, January 27, 2020

vLSO bugfix

This update fixes a small bug when the scores of new landings and the GPA table were updated only after restarting the program.
Thanks to Johan for reporting this bug!

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

vLSO update

This is a small update, with 'Own waveoff' detection removed. Until now flying over the landing area without touching it was considered as OWO and it was a highly controversial decision (just thought I had to react somehow to such maneuvers). Now flying-through LA won't be registered and counted at all.
And your feedback is welcome, as always.

Friday, January 3, 2020

vLSO bugfix update

As Gary mentioned in previous comments, there was a bug in scoring landing attempts. Luckily I managed to nail it so here's another update. Just reinstall it and run. The GPA table will display incorrect values, as well as all grade scores in export tables will be 0. Now, to fix the scores, either make a landing pass, or remove a logbook record (unneeded one or of little importance), or just edit your callsign (add a space, for example) - all this will force the program to save the logbook with correct scores. Now restart the program and make sure that the GPA table is ok as well as export tables.
My big thanks to Gary and apologies to everybody for this inconvenience.

Happy new 2020 year and many Ok landings!

PS. The skins pack is upgraded to the latest 14.36 version.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

vLSO bugfix update

This is a quick fix of some bugs reported by Gary:

Main display shows a "Debug Mode" graphic. Fixed.
Case 1 Day is being reported on exports as CASE2. Fixed.

Scoring not as expected.e.g. 'CutPass -2 Wire" scores 0 points where 2 pts expected. Similarly a OWO scores 0 Pts where 2 expected. Oh, really? AFAIK, Cut pass has always been a zero pointer, correct me if I'm wrong. As for the OWO... I've never been happy with its implementation, so I'm going to revise (or even get rid of) this grade.
F/A-18E being used for test plus SDB CVN65; with distances set at 1-1.5, "Too Close Abeam being reported at distance 1.9NM abeam LSO platform. Tried with the SDB's BigE - no wrong abeam reports.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

vLSO bugfix update

Thanks to everyone reported a small bug when advanced settings were not saving. Fixed now. Please download and reinstall the program to the same folder (your logbook and config files will be intact).
Happy landings!

Sunday, December 1, 2019

vLSO release

This version is a major update to my program. Here are just a few changes worth mentioning:
  • New logbook file format - now it's LDFX, not LDF
  • Easy conversion - drag and drop old LDF logbook and it will be converted into LDFX
  • The logbook import function removed, no more LXF - just drag and drop a logbook to view it
  • vLSO.xml config file format restructured and simplified
  • The burble part of the code reworked
  • Support for SWS vol.1 and vol.2 carriers (including pitching deck detection)
  • Support for the Team SDB latest CVN65 release
  • Bug fixes and updates to the RFN and SWS gauges support.
The new version is not compatible with previous 1.0.* versions. If you want to keep using your old logbook, follow these steps:
  1. Rename your current vLSO folder
  2. Install this new version, but don't run it yet!
  3. First copy your logbook.ldf from the renamed old folder to the new version's folder
  4. Then drag and drop the logbook.ldf onto the vLSO's icon
  5. Voilà - vLSO will start and convert your logbook.ldf to logbook.ldfx
  6. Now it's safe to remove the obsolete logbook.ldf from the new folder.
This way you can convert someone else's logbooks. To view a logbook just drag and drop it onto the vLSO (either its icon or its opened window).

PS. Older versions were removed from downloads

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

My survey results

I'd like to thank all of my survey respondents! Your answers are valuable to me and definitely will help to improve my program. Here's what we have so far (85 respondents):

As you can see, the LXF format is not used at all and I'm going to remove it in the next release (however you will still be able to exchange your logbooks). Unsurprisingly, other export formats and qual options remain popular.

Well, as a major change, the next release will upgrade the logbook internal format. But don't worry, the program will convert your existing logbooks for you!

That's it. Hopefully the new version will be released in this month.

Monday, December 3, 2018

vLSO update

I found an error in previous .1 and .2 updates (wrong grades may be displayed in the Grade column), so please update to the latest .3 version. Both wrong versions now removed from downloads. My apologies...

Sunday, December 2, 2018

vLSO update

This is a quick fix of a small bug with date selectors being inaccessible during export operations.
Thanks to Scott "LoVis" Gray for reporting this!